Quality certifications guarantee the excellence and safety of Milhão’s products

Company meets the demanding criteria of the world’s most renowned food industries ensuring excellence in product quality

In the food business, all care is necessary. The food safety control is an important part of good quality management practices. However, the secret of good results is the fact that all quality procedures are inserted into the company’s daily routine in a natural and spontaneous way, making this not a differential sought in specific periods, but something established in the company’s DNA.

When this level is reached, certifications emerge as a way to recognize and prove the quality of a company and its products or services, showing that quality is indeed taken seriously in that environment, in addition to guaranteeing the conquest of several niche markets.

Milhão offers high quality GMO Free ingredients to its customers, meeting all the parameters for product excellence. A Quality Control team is responsible for certifying all manufacturing procedures and practices and monitors this entire process.

This care rewarded Milhão with several national and international food safety certifications, serving the demanding market in Brazil and worldwide, exporting to more than 50 countries. Among the certifications that collaborate with the excellence of our products are: FSSC 22000, GMO FREE (transgenic free), Gluten Free, WGC (integral product), Organic, Halal and Kosher.

FSSC 22000

The Foundation For Food Safety Certification – FSSC developed the FSSC 22000, the most complete and globally recognized food product certification system. With this certification, Milhão guarantees customer satisfaction by providing greater brand credibility and reducing risks to your business.


Preserved Identity Quality System (GMO FREE) ensures the preservation of the corn identity by controlling genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and ensuring that it is a GMO-free product with quality and purity.


This certificate confirms the absence of gluten in Milhão’s products and in all its processes and is issued following the FoodChain ID Gluten-Free Certification Standard, which covers the purchase, production, handling, processing, storage, distribution and labeling of food.

Whole Grain – WCG

Milhão conquered the Whole Grain Council (WCG) for the production of our whole corn flour (FecoMix 425 In). The seal is an American initiative that originated in Boston-USA to prove the production of 100% whole products in the industries.

ORGANIC (Brasil, Europe and EUA)

Organic product certification covers primary products or processed by the industry to be marketed as organic in Brazilian, European and American territory. This guarantee is mainly due to organic traceability throughout the production process.


The Halal quality system is the Islamic inspection service that ensures that the industry meets all standards set in Muslim culture in the production of ingredients.


The Kosher quality system is recognized worldwide as a maximum quality control, it ensures that the industry follows specific standards of the Orthodox Jewish diet.

What do you get by purchasing our ingredients?

By choosing the Milhão products, the customer is sure that his final product will have superior quality and 100% traceability. With the quality seals, it is possible to highlight your brand with innovative ingredients and certifications recognized worldwide

Thinking about producing a food with superior quality, healthiness and stand out in the market?