About Us

Every detail matters

At Milhão, we treat quality as essential. Along our path, we have proven that this really makes a difference and brings recognition to the work we do. Our non-GMO ingredients have arrived on all continents of the world, and along with them, we bring together an innovative spirit based on the importance of healthiness for everyone.

Our signature is the Non GMO Flint Corn, an ingredient in which we not only believe in, but also foster, in order to offer superior quality and nutritionally rich products to our customers. This work led us to be recognized as one of the 500 largest Agribusiness companies in Brazil and brought us international quality certifications.

We have an advanced technological structure in our industrial hub.

The ingredients produced by Milhão undergo a state-of-the-art infrastructure in their processing. The manufacturing plant has the most modern features to guarantee the quality and safety of its products.

In connection with all the technology, we apply Continuous Improvement and Quality programs that comply with rigorous standards.


Produce safe and healthy Non-GMO ingredients contributing to a better world.


Provide Non-GMO corn solutions and special high-quality ingredients that generate value for our customers, investors, employees, partners and community, ensuring business sustainability.


Be the world reference in Non-GMO corn and healthy ingredients.



Within our essence is our faith and constant loyalty to the Lord. We believe in God! He is and always will be the first place!

Quality and Food Safety

Ensure the quality and improvement of our products and services, offering safe food and committing to excellent levels of customer satisfaction.


Expand the limits of knowledge, always seeking to bring new attributes, opportunities, successful ideas and improvements to our product, always being one step ahead.

Be the Best of the World

Continually seek excellence, be the “Best of the World”, serve with enthusiasm, have a sense of “ownership” generating superior results in everything we do with passion. More attitude and more perspiration.

Milhão Family

Stimulate simplicity and sincerity in our day-to-day relationships, resulting from the diversity of cultures, genders, sexual orientations, religions, experiences and personalities. At the company, we support each other and enjoy being part of a team. We are part of a global network. We are a family!


Acting based on the highest ethical and transparent principles in the Organization, because acting with integrity is essential for building and maintaining good and trustful relationships.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Encourage and promote solidary citizenship actions, contributing to the development of the community and preservation of the environment.

Social and Environmental

Over 13,000 families have benefited from projects and initiatives promoted by Milhão. Socio-environmental responsibility is a paramount commitment of Milhão, through which we strive towards sustainable living, respect for life, and biodiversity, by means of these projects, actions, and support for initiatives.

Our History

The beginning
We started as a small corn processing industry for the retail market. Processing 2,160 Tons/year.
Agricultural retail
We opened the first agricultural retail store of the Milhão Group, focused on animal nutrition products.
Industrial service
We expanded beyond retail and started to serve the industry and conquered our first major customer in the national market.
Non GMO Affirmation
GMOs arrived in Brazil, but we decided to remain a non-GMO industry, highlighting our commitment to health and quality for our customers.
Kellogg's Suppliers
Kellogg’s became one of our customers and helped us to push our ingredients forward. We also join an Industrial Development Program lauched by our state, the state of Goiás.
Our first export
We made our first export to Poland and started a successful story of Foreign Trade at Milhão. Due to that, we had a huge production increase.
Big increase in production growth
We reached the mark of 50,000 tons produced.
Partnership with Producer
Nestlé, yet another brand with worldwide recognition, has joined our customer base. The achievement of this relationship brought us key practices for our quality and our traceability process. We started building a partnership relationship with producers and began to apply our Manual of Good Agricultural Practices, further ensuring the safety and quality of our ingredients.
Recognized quality
We achieved the most recognized quality certification worldwide, FSSC 22000. We also achieved Kosher and Halal certifications.
Non GMO Identity
We have been certified as a non-GMO ingredients industry. Achievement that attested our quality work in seed selection and proximity to the producers.
New manufacturing plant
A major milestone for Grupo Milhão was the inauguration of the new manufacturing plant in Goianira-GO. With 121,000 m², the new factory started its activities with a production capacity of 18,000 tons per month, equipped with high-tech machinery and three laboratories: classification analysis, physical-chemical analysis and microbiological analysis. A new structure capable of serving customers who continued to grow.
New markets
With the consolidation of the R&D team at Milhão, we entered in another market focused on health with the launch of pulses ingredients. We’ve also been certified as a Gluten Free industry.
Origination and new business
Restructuring the Agribusiness sector with a focus on strengthening Non GMO corn origination. Winning another important client: Doritos Brasil. We reached the mark of more than 205,000 tones/year.
Two decades. One mission.
In 2022 we celebrate 20 years of history. Solution, innovation and technology to bring safe, healthy, non-GMO and gluten free ingredients to the table of thousands of families. Our mission is just beginning.

Food Industry​

Milhão Ingredients offers solutions that can be applied in all sectors of the food industry.

Food Industry​

More than 40 ingredients are produced with flint corn grains and Non GMO pulses that are monitored throughout the production chain to guarantee the quality and especially the traceability of our raw material.

Other Industries

Some of our solutions are ideal raw materials for diverse industries such as mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and oil extraction.

Other Industries

The solutions have the same quality and traceability applied in the production of ingredients for human nutrition.

Animal Nutrition

Milhão’s Animal Nutrition solutions are created for nutritional enrichment and increase of the productivity of creations.

Animal Nutrition

We have a complete line of feeds and supplements with ready-to-eat formulation and inputs to add to the formulation of your farms.


Milhão’s Grains area originates in natura grains, offering the entire process of storage and efficient logistics for delivery to industries, farms and feedlots in Brazil and the world.


All work is carried out in accordance with the most demanding quality standards, such as the ANEC 43 standard.


It is in the agribusiness area of Milhão that everything begins.


Here we promote our raw material in direct partnership with rural producers and offer technical support at all stages, from seed selection to post-harvest procedures.

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