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Environmental policy

Sustainability is not just a concept, but the basis for life in society. That is why, Milhão acts firmly in the present to build future each day. To reinforce that commitment, they have a recycling plan along with selective waste collection, energy management as well as solid and liquid.

Co-worker respect.
Commitment to the environment.
These are the principles of Group Milhão’s environmental responsibility plan.

Social Responsability

Currently Milhão has a training program in partnership with companies such as Dom Cabral Foundation, JRM, AMCHAM Goiânia, SESI, SENAI, IPOG and Facmais, which enables an average of 4 monthly hours of training per employee.

“We understand that our employees are part of the community, so throughout the year we promote health and quality life campaigns. Aside from giving donation for needed, the apprentice program, with FAMI’s affiliation, and interns are offered in the company for undergraduates.”

Sedex Global

Milhão Alimentos is registered in the Global Sedex. Sedex is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. Through this record, Milhão Alimentos accesses efficiently in order to stimulate our continuous improvement, labor standards, health and safety, environment and business ethics, internationally recognized.