Milhão launches arepa flour and highlights innovative products at FISA 2018

By Comunicação Milhão

Milhao takes its mix of non-GMO corn derivatives to the world’s leading food ingredients event, Food Ingredients South America – FISA 2018. The fair will take place Aug. 21-23 at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo and brings together the best food industries in the world.

Milhao is one of the 500 largest Brazilian agribusiness companies and the 3rd largest in the Grain category. Our innovative solutions develop natural, transgenic-free, colorless, preservative-free, antioxidant-free, gluten-free, allergen-free and free of general chemical additives, serving, in addition to various industry sectors, the healthy food market that is highlighted at FISA, as well as the “Clean labels”.


Arepa flour is launched at FISA


            Non-GMO arepa flour (FecoMix ARP) is a highly nutritious and innovative product produced with flint, a special type of corn that provides higher industrial yield. The new solution is ideal to produce arepas, traditional corn tortillas, very common in South American cuisine. They can be consumed in several ways: stuffed, pure with butter, with meat, egg, cheese. Here at Milhao, the grains are carefully selected to produce the ingredient, which is obtained by means of a modern factory process that guarantees excellent coloration and exact granulometry.

Pregelatinized cornmeal and white corn flour also stand out at the event

Pre-gelatinized corn flour (FecoGelMix) is a high-quality product, quite versatile, with numerous application possibilities. It has high absorptivity and solubility and allows cold emulsification, which accelerates the manufacturing process and reduces expenses. Free of transgenics, the solution replaces the most cost-effective modified corn starch.

The white corn flour (FecoMix 425 M BCO) has a fine and well defined granulometry and excellent coloring. Free from GMOs, the solution is obtained by grinding selected grains of white flint corn, superior variety in quality and industrial yield.

“We have recorded a significant increase in demand for our maize ingredients. This is explained by our unique and singular quality and our GMO-free signature that broadly meets the promising market for healthy food, “says commercial director Leandro Carneiro. “Come and visit us at FISA! You can find Million during the three-day event at booth 60/hall 9 and get a closer look at the best of GMO-Free corn ingredients for the industry.


Fi South America – FiSa 2018
Estande: 60 – Rua 9
Data: 21 a 23 de agosto
Hour: 13h às 20h
Location: Transamerica Expo Center
Address: Av. Dr. Mário Villas Boas Rodrigues, 387 – Santo Amaro – São Paulo (SP)
Oficial Website:

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