Milhao launches White Corn Cream, superior in quality and yield

By Comunicação Milhão

Its neutral coloration can be exploited in several applications giving rise to many recipes and combinations.


The evolution of Milhão products is a priority of the quality, research and development team, which continually improves solutions to meet the specific needs of customers, and develops increasingly innovative ingredients for the market. The newest product that integrates the large Milhao portfolio is white corn cream (FecoMix 212 BCO).

The white corn cream is characterized by the finer grain size of the grinding process of selected grains of flint white corn, superior variation in quality and industrial yield. The new product still tastes more subtle than its version in yellow corn. It is possible to make cakes, breads, biscuits, create a lot in the kitchen, and in the industry, especially in baking, it is also an ideal ingredient for many end products and, in some cases, may be an option to substitute the starch of corn.

“In addition, the white corn cream has a harder endosperm, providing higher industrial yield and greater application functionality, as well as a neutral coloration which increases its range of application,” explains Alexsander Costa, Research and Development Manager for Milhao Corn Ingredients.

“White corn is rich in protein and vitamins, it’s an excellent source of energy because of high carbohydrate levels,” he adds. The manufacturing process of the Fecomix 212 BCO features state-of-the-art industrial resources that ensure accurate granulometry, rigorous mycotoxin control and low fumonisin levels, largely serving the growing market for healthy food and even the most sensitive food industry demands .

White corn cream (Fecomix 212 BCO) is a gluten-free ingredient, making it an excellent choice to substitute other ingredients that contain gluten in its composition, leads to a GMO Free subscription with the unique quality of Milhao, and assists in product formulations where it is desired to provide balanced creaminess, viscosity, volume and texture.

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About Milhão Alimentos
Milhão Alimentos is one of the 500 largest companies in Brazil and the 3th largest in the Grain category. Specializing in the manufacture of maize derivatives, it has the Corn Flint, which provides better yield, and GMO Free seal, which guarantees GMO free products. Quality and safety are also part of our DNA. All production processes are carefully monitored, from the selection of seeds to the planting of maize and the strict selection of grains, to cleaning processes and quality tests, certified by internationally recognized certifications – FSSC 22000, Halal, Kosher, WGC (Integral). With 15 years of operation, Milhão’s products are distributed throughout Brazil and exported to more than 37 countries. The company has among its customers some of the world’s leading food industries, with which it shares its commitment to quality and safety of the corn flint GMO Free. More information:

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