Milhão Corn Ingredients follows clean label trend with production of natural ingredients

By Equipe Milhão Corn Ingredients

Tendency in clean labeling grows every year around the world becoming a benchmark in healthy eating.

The growing consumer’s concern about life quality, health, and higher nutritional benefits has moved food industries around the world to produce natural ingredients. The need to supply this market demand has generated a new nutritional trend: the clean label.

The clean label emerged through a new consumers’ profile who are always looking for real food. This trend begins with the users’ recognition of ingredients on the products’ labels they are buying, stuff that can be found inside the kitchen itself. These products are characterized for being natural and GMO free, without preservatives, antioxidants among other harmful additives. In addition to having on its mark better known ingredients the clean label trend considers the product healthier when one has less ingredients in its formula. The smaller the list the better and more natural the product is.

Milhão Corn Ingredients has a careful production process that guarantees natural and organic ingredients, free of transgenic, dyes, antioxidants, preservatives, allergens, gluten-free and without chemical additives following the world trend clean label. Our mix with more than 30 products derived from maize is highlighted in the market by GMO Free quality and safety.

Clean label lettering ensures the supply of a healthy product by making the consumer consciously choose to assimilate the product’s nutritional information. By following these simple labeling, with a few good ingredients in mind, the brand has a better chance of winning and loyalty its customer.

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