Milhão Corn Ingredients once again between the largest 500 in the country

By Comunicação Milhão

For the seventh consecutive year, the company is recognized in the Best of Agribusiness award by Globo Rural.

Milhao Corn Ingredients was once again among the 500 largest agro companies in Brazil, in the Best of Agribusiness 2018, promoted by Globo Rural in partnership with Serasa Experian, which elaborates the ranking taking into account the research questionnaires and the financial statements, in addition to the companies’ social and environmental commitments.

In recent years, Milhao invested in its facilities and infrastructure, and operates today in a modern factory plant, five times larger than the previous one, with state-of-the-art equipment. “2017 was important for the consolidation of acquisitions and projects, and for the vast improvements in our infrastructure and technology,” says results director Reginaldo Barros. “We doubled our production and storage capacity,” he adds.

Milhao Corn Ingredients counts on a thorough traceability of the production process that allows to follow every path of the corn, from the field to the laboratory, so that it is within the specifics of each client. The company stands out in the market for the low mycotoxin index, standardized grain size, for using flint corn, a higher grain variation in nutritional value and yield and, above all, for being GMO-Free.

In addition to being in the ranking of the 500 best national agribusiness, the company is among the 50 largest in the Midwest. Part of the good results obtained, Barros credits to the diversification of our portfolio. “Our line has more than 30 high quality GMO Free maize ingredients for various segments of the human and animal nutrition industry, serving all of Brazil and more than 40 countries worldwide.”

The Best of Agribusiness 2018 awards a new phase for Milhao. “We strengthened our operations in retail, opened new doors in the international market and gained strength in the industrial market of healthy food,” says the results director. 2019 arrives with great expectations. “Our commitment for the coming year is to invest even more in research and the continuous evolution of our ingredients, always being a step forward in the innovation and well-being of our consumers,” concludes the executive.

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